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The world as we once knew it is no more. Across the globe, governments have shattered to nothing. A global economy is a distant dream, long forgotten in the face of our new reality. Echoes of society and comfort are visible all around us – destroyed, disintegrated, dead…

And yet, amid the ruins of our past, opportunities abound. Scavengers scour the remains of once-vibrant communities, skilled hunters and trappers prowl the forests, traders have set up shop in the vast wilderness just north of Radunin permanent gas zone, and many have found themselves taken in by the allure of hunting the most dangerous game – each other.

These survivors have held onto their lives through ingenuity, ruthlessness, and grit. They move through the world, doing all they can to provide sustenance and warmth for themselves and the scattered pockets of humanity littering the desolate environment they have inherited. Survival of the Fittest is no longer a simple maxim – the weak are already dead, or worse.

So welcome, new friends. Welcome to a world of danger, of constant threat, of endless opportunity. We watch with anticipation to see how each of you handles the chance given to you – the chance to endure, the chance to build, and the chance to prosper.

We wish you good fortune. You will need it.


                                            GENERAL SERVER RULES

1. Raiding is NOT allowed outside of the weekend.
Raid Weekend starts on Fridays at 17:00 Pacific Time (UTC -8) and ends on Sundays at 19:00 Pacific Time (UTC -8).

2. Do not Camp Spawn Points to kill fresh spawns.

3. Raiding is NOT allowed outside of the weekend

4. Stacking any items to boost over base wall is prohibited, e.g.: plots, tents, vehicles, campfires.
This will be considered as cheating and exploiting and will result in a ban.

5. NO Combat Logging No white walling, X-Raying through combat logging, No Under Mapping.

Keep your gameplay legit and do not resort to cheating or using the games glitches to your advantage.

6.  Each player is limited to (1) main and (1) alt account. All Faction/Squad Members must list their alt accounts on their respective faction/squad channel.

 Do NOT hoard vehicles.
Factions are allowed 2 Cars and a total of 2 Trucks or Hummers. Squads are allowed 1 Car and 1 Truck or Hummer. Solo player is allowed to have 1 Vehicle.

8. Do Not Build in or around the Bunker Area.
The bunker is a place for all to experience. PVP is completely allowed, but no building or blocking off the Bunker and its Tunnels.

9. Regarding Bounties DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, Kill your Friends for their bounty money, if you are caught, you and your friend will receive a 48 Hour Ban and an automatic 2 STRIKES against you.

10. Do not disclose Base Locations and call out raids in any public chat channel.

1. No killing in Safe Zone (300m from Trader). The RevenantZ has a bot in place and ANY kill detected within the Safe Zone will result in a BAN.

2. No fighting, hitting, punching, wounding, etc. in Safe Zone...this includes the boxing ring. The boxing ring is ONLY for server hosted events.

3. Weapons are to be holstered at all times within the Trader / Safe Zone

4. Must respect other players and staff members while in the trader and safe zone, as well as listening to trader staff at all times. If you have beef with someone, take it somewhere else!

5. No feeding players anything without player consent (food, meds etc.)

6. No stealing from players or tampering with their belongings (bags, vehicles etc.).

7. DO NOT raid or attempt entry into trader. The RevenantZ bot will detect any and all unauthorized entry and will BAN any individual or individuals from the server. This is an IRREVERSIBLE PERMANENT BAN FROM THE REVENANTZ COMMUNITY.

8. NO building of any kind in Safe Zone without express permission from the admin team.

9. Do NOT gather at the serving window while others are having their tickets handled – it creates disruption in the transactions.
When in Safe Zone, do NOT act like a fool with no common sense. It's called SAFE ZONE for a reason. If you act in any way that displeases the Master Trader, you will be handled at her discretion.
Breaking rules will result in a ban from Safe Zone or Server, depending on severity. Ban duration is reserved to Admin Teams discretion.
                                     RAIDING GUIDELINES
1. NO raiding, stealing from, or entering of bases when it is NOT Raid Weekend, even if the doors are wide open! You may shoot someone inside their base, and if the base is accessible, loot their body ONLY, then immediately leave.
2. ABSOLUTELY NO glitching of any kind into bases. Do NOT use any unrealistic boosting into bases or stacking any items to boost over base wall. This includes stacking plots, tents, campfires, etc. You may use REALISTIC methods such as standing on vehicles to jump over a wall. Breaking this rule will be considered as cheating/exploiting and will result in a permanent ban.
3. NO Pop-corning people's loot. IF you need and take the container, you may drop the loot.
4. NO logging out inside or outside people's base. This does not include server resets.
5. NO excessive dismantling and NO tampering with flag poles.
6. NO locking players out of their bases or taking over a base.
7. Do NOT disclose base locations in any public chat channel. Do NOT call out raids you see or hear in public chat channels.
Raiding is a time to match your skills against your opponents and steal some loot. It is NOT a time to GRIEF other players. Use common sense and common courtesy. This server has no room for griefers.
                                  BUILDING GUIDELINES
1. No building in the Radunin Permanent Gas Zone or the Bunker Area and it’s tunnels. These areas are for ALL to enjoy.
2. No building in or around the borders of the Safe Zone.
4. NO trapping players in or out of their base.
5. No glitching tents inside walls within buildings - they must be accessible to pack away.
6. Build realistically! If your base is lagging the server, we will tell you to dismantle parts or we will destroy it for you. Towers shall be NO MORE THAN 6 levels high to prevent lag.
7. If you move, dismantle the base you are leaving.
8. If you want to take over an already built base, you must open a support ticket to ask the Admin Team.
9. Your base is not a base until you have enclosed it on all sides and have a gate. As base owner you are responsible for "building smart" and cutting off all access points over your walls, under your walls, through windows, over roofs, etc. You are responsible for locking your gates and keeping your base secure. This is a PVP survival game!!!
Please use common sense when choosing a base location and do not block off unique areas or highly sought after loot/PVP areas such as military zones. If your base location causes an issue for the server, you will be asked to move to a new location.


Server Name: RevenantZ | TraderBot | BuildAnywhere | 1.5x |


Console: PS4/PS5


Slots: 52

Hosting: Los Angeles, USA

Loot: 1.5x

View: 3rd Person or 1st Person (Pick your Preference)

Date of Last Wipe: March 24, 2023

- RevenantZ Community will be Wiped every 6 Months.

Next Estimated Wipe: September, 2023


Server Monetizing Rules:  All Donations to The RevenantZ Game Server are optional and are no way required to play and access our wonderful world. Donations made will help support the server, as well as implementation of new modifications to the ever growing and expanding world. All Monetizing rules follow the All donations are considered to be final and refunds will be at the server owner discretion.


 - Raids only in Weekends. Starting on Fridays at 17:00 Pacific Time (UTC -8) and ending on Sundays at 19:00 Pacific Time (UTC -8)

- Build Anywhere

- Active Discord Admins/Moderators

- Active Community Traders

- Extensive economy with a variety of ways to earn and spend money

- Factions and Squads (Great PVP Action)

- Cannabis Medical Cards (Permission to Sell to Trader)
- Cash for Ruined Cars, Trucks & Hummers
- Cash for Animals (Wolves, Bears etc.)
- Bounty Hunters Licensing
- Fur Trapper and Animal Pelt Trader Licensing
- Trader Bot (Items Shipped to your Location after restart)
- Trader Bot: Pre Made Player Kits (Purchase w/ In Game Money)
- Trader Bot: Weapons (Purchase w/ In Game Money)
- Trader Bot: Shop Items (Purchase w/ In Game Money)

- Safe Zone/Trader Radunin. Located North of Radunin Gas Zone (Central most part of the map - Coords). The radius is of 300 meters, every kill inside Safe Zone will result in an automatic ban.

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